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Based in Perth, Wisdom Project Australia runs 8 week face-to-face group programs and occasional free tasters for people over 60 to explore their past in order to plan for their futures.

Wisdom Project Australia understands the successes and developments made throughout life can get lost in the hustle and bustle of family, work and responsibilities.  We often fail to acknowledge our achievements and the growth we are making as human beings.

We also often don’t have time to consider the upsetting things that happen to us. We are so busy getting on with life, we find it hard to spend real time understanding what has happened and why.

Wisdom Project Australia believes that  once family, work and other obligations have lessened, giving us time to think and reflect, we can take the opportunity to make sense of our whole-of-life journey. This process is always more beneficial when done in the company of others.

Through conversation, shared activities and in positivity, and with acknowledgement of loss and grief, we help you to make sense of YOUR life.

Book your Wisdom Project Australia course and discover how much you can truly grow.

Our programs are not therapy; but they are decidedly therapeutic.

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Wisdom Project Australia course activities are fun. They are not invasive or unsafe for participants. Each participant can explore as much or as little as they would like.

Our 8 Week Program, is comprised of eight 2 hour weekly sessions. We guide participants through the past and into the future with a series of engaging and stimulating activities. Our 8 Week Program and our occasional FREE Tasters are designed to be socially engaging, exploratory and food for the inquiring mind.

Wisdom Project Australia is based in Perth, Western Australia, and at present all our face to face programs are conducted in this State. Come the end of COVID however, the world’s our oyster!

Come join with us.

Call Gail on 0417 096 407 to find out where our next group is (or to plan one in your local area!) and to book.